• Traditional Mini Cornish Pasty

    Authentic Cornish Pasty

    Sunday, 4th April 2021Tyler

    The first time I even heard of a Cornish pasty was when I went to Cornwall (not surprisingly).  I had planned to go on a camping trip with some friends near Newquay. (A town in Cornwall has been a tourist spot for more than a hundred years! Not surprising when you see those gorgeous beaches!) After days of planning, we hopped in the car and started driving. The five of us (one Scottish, one South African, one from Isle of Wight, one Irish, and myself, the American) had a grand ole time in our drive. We start driving from Crawley,…

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  • Delicious Digestive Biscuits

    Sweet-Meal Biscuit

    Monday, 23rd October 2017Tyler

    Hey Hey Hey! This is my first post and tonight I’m sending you out across the world to the great United Kingdom. I spent all last week trying to decide what kind of dish you could sink your teeth into. I hope I nailed it! For a couple of years, I lived in Italy and there they had tons of digestive biscuits all over the stores. Personally, I loved them (personal favorite was a granola biscuit). A hop, skip and jump and a whole lot of flour later I ended up with this delicious recipe. You’ll love the simplicity of the…

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