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Welcome to my kitchen! Get ready for a delicious treat at my recipe blog!

I’m Tyler, a physics student at Brigham Young University and a passionate foodie who loves exploring the world around me. However, my love for food, especially European cuisine, is what brings me here.

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I’ve been cooking since I was five, starting with scrambled eggs taught by my mom. Since then, I’ve become a self-confessed ‘foodie’ with a particular fondness for international dishes.

With Italian roots from my Calabrese grandmother, Italian food holds a special place in my heart and palate. Living in Italy for two years during my humanitarian work allowed me dive into the depths of Italian cooking and to really appreciate (and love) cuisines from around the world.

How to make an Italian Caprese Salad

Returning to the US and starting college posed a challenge: How could I afford to make European foods on a tight budget? After much exploration (including searching for specific ingredients), I found a solution. I realized it’s possible to create fantastic European dishes like ciabatta, pizza, wiener schnitzel, éclair, and more without breaking the bank.

This website is a collection of my favorite international recipes, and I invite you to let me know if there’s a particular dish you’d like to see featured.

Why Recipe.me?

Well, it’s simple. I’m passionate about cooking and enjoying authentic dishes from every country. I understand the difficulty of finding such foods once you’re away from their origins, especially outside major cities. However, my culinary journey has taught me that we can still enjoy these cuisines on a budget. I’ve fed families and hungry college students for just a few dollars.

My culinary life has taught me that we really can enjoy those foods. Not just enjoy them, but enjoy them on a budget. I’ve fed families for a few dollars (not to mention a bunch of extremely hungry college students).

I hope you’ll love the dishes I share as much as I enjoyed making and eating them!

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So, put on your apron, and let’s start cooking!