Hey! Welcome to my kitchen! I’m glad you’re here and you better be ready for one delicious treat!

Now that you are here let me introduce myself. My name is Tyler. I’m a student attending Brigham Young University. I’m studying physics, and I love it. I love to learn about the world around me and why it behaves the way it does. But… that doesn’t have much to do with food (let alone European food), you might ask. And you’re 100% correct! It doesn’t, but let me tell you about all of that.

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Wow, I’ve been cooking for many years (since I was five when my mom taught me how to scramble eggs ūüėČ ) and rarely sought to describe me as a cook. Since those scrambled eggs the world of food opened to me. I’m a self-confessed ‘foodie’ with a passion for international foods.

How to make an Italian Caprese Salad

My grandmother is Italian (Calabrese), and so, Italian food holds a special place in my heart (and pallet). A couple years ago, I went to Italy to do humanitarian work. I lived there for two years! I met many people from across the world and learned to appreciate and love the world abroad.

Coming back to America was hard in many ways, including a desperate desire for the delicious fresh food. Right after coming back I started school, at Brigham Young University, studying physics and mathematics. This presented me with a problem:

How can I afford to make European foods on my college budget?

That question took me a¬†long time to answer! (For example, I literally spent weeks visiting bakeries just to find the same kind of yeast used in Europe!) Luckily, I’ve come up with a conclusion. It¬†is possible to make these fantastic foods ciabatta, pizza, wiener schnitzel, √©clair, and more cheaply without sacrificing quality.

I like to consider this site a collection of my favorite international foods!

And, hey, if your favorite dishes aren’t here let me know!

Why Recipe.me?

Well, like I said above: I love to cook and to enjoy authentic¬†foods from every country. Returning to America, for me, reminded me just how difficult it is to enjoy those foods once you are away. I mean is Olive Garden really Italian? No! Of¬†course not! What I mean is, it’s often really hard to find the foods we loved (let alone authentic restaurants) around town. (Unless you live in a major city with a lot of immigrants who open restaurants.)

My culinary life has taught me that we really can enjoy those foods. Not just enjoy them, but enjoy them on a budget. I’ve fed families for a few dollars (not to mention a bunch of¬†extremely¬†hungry college students).

I hope that you enjoy love the dishes I share as much as I did in making/eating them!

Contacting Me

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A Small Note About Comments

As I’ve said before, this is for you. I’m in no way fluent with the cuisines of every culture and I’d love to hear anything you think about my recipes. So, feel free to leave me a comment on any post! But I do reserve the right to remove comments that deride, contain promotional data, etc.

Now, put on your apron and let’s get cooking!

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