Spanish Flag with Texture


With each region of Spain so diverse in both language and history, it is no surprise that each area has their own unique cuisine. With each invasion or exploration, new food and culinary techniques exposed the Spanish culture to a new way to prepare food. When visiting Spain, you may have a churro with chocolate caliente to start your day or visit a restaurant to taste the wonderful paella. Wherever you go, you’ll find delicious food.

  • Chocolate Caliente - Step 4 - Serve 2

    Authentic Spanish Hot Chocolate


    Ah! España! Home of the great navigators and colonizers like Christopher Columbus and Don Quixote. The other day, while eating breakfast, I reflected upon my scrumptious omelet and thought of Spain. Wishing I had something a little more than water with my meal I began thinking about Spanish breakfasts. Lo and behold a classic Spanish breakfast came to mind: chocolate caliente and churros! I know you’ll love making chocolate caliente as much as…

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