• a christmas mince pie close up photo

    Welcome, lovelies! ‘Tis the season to embrace the magical flavors of the holidays as we dive into the delightful world of Christmas mince pies. Join me on a scrumptious adventure filled with traditional charm and mouthwatering aromas! Today we get ready for my second favourite holiday (first is Easter) as we unravel the mysteries of the Christmas mince pie—a quintessentially British treat that holds a special place in our hearts.…

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  • Hot Cross Buns, Traditional, Simple, Delicious

    Hot cross buns are by far some of the most delicious and easy snacks that I make all times of year. (Though I do make them more often during Easter. After all, it is an easter treat!) I had heard about hot cross buns for a long time, ever since I was a kid. Though I’d never had a chance to see them until I moved to England. Until then, I…

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  • How to Make German Easter Bread

    Happy Easter! Only a few hours until Easter Morning! I can’t wait, there’s so much that happens each Easter that it turns the holiday into something magical. Osterbrot definitely makes it into the classic Easter tradition area. That is true, at least, if you are German, enjoy German holiday traditions, or just love Osterbrot. Usually, I usually have an Italian Columba this time of year. But to spice up #MarchGermany…

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