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Though known for shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, the cuisine in the UK changes regionally. Each region with its own delicious and unique dishes and many of the spices associated with the dishes have historically influenced European food.

  • Gingerbread Biscuit - Step 6 - Decorate

    Syrup-free Gingerbread Biscuit


    Merry Christmas!! ‘Tis the season for gingerbread biscuits!! At the beginning of the month, I took out my Christmas decorations and began thinking about what dishes I’d like to make this December. Italian panettone, English wassail, and gingerbread biscuits decorated with royal icing immediately came to mind. I decided to start with gingerbread. They sound delicious. But here’s the catch, in the UK gingerbread you use golden syrup, and I didn’t have any. In the United States, you make it with molasses instead of the syrup. I don’t usually carry golden syrup or molasses in my house. And I so, I thought… How…

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  • Delicious Digestive Biscuits

    Sweet-Meal Biscuit


    Hey Hey Hey! This is my first post and tonight I’m sending you out across the world to the great United Kingdom. I spent all last week trying to decide what kind of dish you could sink your teeth into. I hope I nailed it! For a couple of years, I lived in Italy and there they had tons of digestive biscuits all over the stores. Personally, I loved them (personal favorite was a granola biscuit). A hop, skip and jump and a whole lot of flour later I ended up with this delicious recipe. You’ll love the simplicity of the…

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