• Apfelschorle (German Carbonated Apple Juice)

    Wednesday, 7th March 2018Tyler

    Welcome back to! I love Apfelschorle for numerous reasons, and I’d love to give them all to you but I’m in a bit of a rush this week! This week, my brother is getting married! Yay!! I’m excited! I’m baking his cake and doing some of the catering… So… as you can imagine, time and I aren’t working together :/ But let me briefly count the ways I love Apfelschorle! (And I will count. Check out this super fancy list 🙂 ) Apfelschorle is both apple juice and soda! It’s a kid-friendly drink, meaning that there is no alcohol. (That’s right,…

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  • Non-Alcoholic Homemade Apple Cider

    Non-Alcoholic Homemade Apple Cider

    Sunday, 14th January 2018Tyler

    I’m still reeling (I don’t think that is the right word), ummm… let’s say excited instead, about Christmas, the New Year, and the cold. It seems that I still have all this running through my mind right now. I loved the English Wassail recipe I posted a few weeks ago. I guess I’m still thinking about those traditional rustic winter drinks. And you know, I had the thought “what if I didn’t want to buy my apple cider for the wassail? What would I do?” Well, if you asked yourself that question then our thoughts are pretty much aligned. Just…

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  • English Wassail - Final 2

    English Wassail

    Tuesday, 2nd January 2018Tyler

    English wassail is by far one of my favorite holiday drinks. It’s kinda crazy because if you consider exactly how many different types of beverages there are out there, you’ll find there are, well, a lot! Each holiday season I primarily think of two drinks wassail and eggnog. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, and from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve/Day, I honestly prefer to have a cup of wassail to eggnog. (But hey, that’s just me!) Today I wanted to tell you exactly how to make this delicious drink (wassail in case I confused you in the last few…

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  • An Italian Juice called Ace: Carrot, Orange, Lemon

    Ace: An Italian Juice

    Monday, 1st January 2018Tyler

    ACE this is by far my favorite Italian drink. Oh, my goodness, gracious! This is so good that, well… I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but during the two years I lived in Italy I spent an embarrassing amount of money on ACE. I bought 1 liter (or so) every week for two years. With 52 weeks in a year and 1 liter per week, I drank 104 liters (27.5 gallons). That’s almost like taking two 8 minute showers in this delicious fruit juice drink!! (I’m not sure why I included that link. But in case you are wondering…

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  • Chocolate Caliente - Step 4 - Serve 2

    Authentic Spanish Hot Chocolate

    Tuesday, 14th November 2017Tyler

    Ah! España! Home of the great navigators and colonizers like Christopher Columbus and Don Quixote. The other day, while eating breakfast, I reflected upon my scrumptious omelet and thought of Spain. Wishing I had something a little more than water with my meal I began thinking about Spanish breakfasts. Lo and behold a classic Spanish breakfast came to mind: chocolate caliente and churros! I know you’ll love making chocolate caliente as much as I did. I actually made it four times in the past few days just to experiment and get the flavor just right (and because it is ridiculously good!). I’m still…

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